What is a VPN?

A VPN is, as its name suggests, a virtual private network that uses a public network or the internet to connect users away from the prying eyes of main network traffic. enter image description here

Essentially, it enables users to send and receive data across the internet as if they were actually just two devices connected together on the same local network.

Creating a VPN means that your traffic is safe from anyone’s prying eyes as long as it remains within the VPN. This makes it ideal for companies wanting to securely connect remote workers to the corporate network.

A side effect of this is that a VPN can hide your physical location, allowing you to do things like access region-restricted content such as American Netflix.

Many free VPN services sell your browsing information to third-party advertisers, and they may also insert their own advertising partners (malicious or otherwise) onto the websites you’re browsing.

enter image description here

Prices for premium VPN services do vary, but you’ll typically be looking around the $5 to $40 per-month range, depending on what you want/need.

If you’re after a VPN for your phone or tablet, you can download the our free VPN app on Google Play Store, Premium servers are available for those who need an extra layer of security: