Install Android 8.0 Oreo on OnePlus 2

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OnePlus 2 was launched by OnePlus in 2015. The 2 that was launched by OnePlus was only the second device to launch from a company which was relatively new to the smartphone industry and had been in limelight after the successful launch of its first smartphone, the OnePlus One.

Talking about the OnePlus 2, the device was not as big a success as compared to the OnePlus One which the company had expected but the device was accepted fairly well in the market for the users that had been fans of the OnePlus One.

Now, OnePlus and its devices have been known for having all the things favorable for developers like an unlockable bootloader as well as the company’s claim of offering warranty even on an unlocked device. This made the people interested in the development of ROMs buy the OnePlus devices. This also grew the developer community for all the OnePlus devices.

Now, the second device from OnePlus, OnePlus 2 has received an unofficial build of LineageOS 15.0 which is based on the latest version of Android released by Google which is Android 8.0 Oreo.

In terms of the ROM, it is still in the early stages and the ROM has been given an alpha tag which means that it is in the early development stage so if you really want to try the latest version of Android on your phone then only you should install the ROM otherwise it is not recommended for daily usage.

Now, if you want to install the ROM on your OnePlus 2 and want to have a look at the latest version of Android then we have mentioned the guide to install the ROM along with the links to the ROM and files that are needed to be downloaded down below.

Also, we have mentioned about the known bugs and what is currently working on the ROM so you can make your decision even better.

What works


• WiFi

• BT

• Hotspot

• FP


• Sensors


What doesn’t work

• camera

• Alert slider

• offline gestures


• Ensure that you have unlocked the bootloader on your OnePlus 2

• A custom recovery like TWRP must be installed on your OnePlus 2

• Download the LineageOS 15.0 ROM for OnePlus 2. The link for the file has been mentioned in the Download section below

• Make sure that your phone has more than 50% battery left


Download LineageOS 15.0 For OnePlus 2

TWRP Recovery For OnePlus 2

GApps for Android 8.0 Oreo


In case anything goes wrong, you might end up with a bricked device. It is therefore advised that you do your research before moving ahead if you’ve never flashed a ROM before. DroidViews or even the developers of the ROM aren’t responsible for anything that happens to your device while flashing the ROM.

Install Android 8.0 Oreo on OnePlus 2 You should follow the guide here to install TWRP on your OnePlus 2, then follow the steps mentioned below to install the LineageOS 15.0 ROM based on Android Oreo on your device.

  1. Download the ROM file and then move it to the internal storage of your device.

  2. Switch off your device and then reboot into the TWRP recovery.

  3. In order to boot into TWRP recovery, hold the power and volume buttons for a few seconds until the TWRP recovery screen appears.

  4. Go to Wipe And Format Option->Wipe Data, Cache And Dalvik Cache via recovery.

  5. Now go back to the main menu and then tap on install

  6. Search for the ROM file you previously downloaded and then select it and then install the zip.

  7. Follow the same procedure to select the Gapps file.

  8. Now swipe the button below to initiate the flashing. Once the process is complete, reboot your device to boot into the Unofficial LineageOS 15.0 based on Android Oreo 8.0 on your OnePlus 2.

Source: xda