How to Install Unapproved Apps on an iPhone Without Jailbreaking?

This tutorial aims to show you how o install unapproved apps on an iPhone without jailbreaking using Xcode. This method takes source code from an app (usually from somewhere like GitHub) and builds the app from scratch.

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A Mac, an iOS device, Xcode 7(free), your Apple ID.

Step1: Download and install Xcode 7 on your PC. Then register it with your Apple ID.

Step2: Find your source code and create a project. Head to GitHub page and click download ZIP download the source code. Unzip it and double click to open it.

Step3: Sign your code, connect iDevice to computer-> open Xcode and click product -> destination -> your iOS devices. After entering a unique name, please select your Apple ID. Click fix issue and sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your team name and select your development team.

Step4: Install the app. Click the Play button in the top-left corner of Xcode and wait for it to compile and install the app.

Step5: Approve yourself on your iOS device. Go to Settings -> General -> profiles and Device Management-> find your Apple ID account and select Trust.

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