This tutorial aims to show you how o install unapproved apps on an iPhone without jailbreaking using Xcode. This method takes source code from an app (usually from somewhere like GitHub) and builds the app from scratch.

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A Mac, an iOS device, Xcode 7(free), your Apple ID.

Step1: Download and install Xcode 7 on your PC. Then register it with your Apple ID.

Step2: Find your source code and create a project. Head to GitHub page and click download ZIP download the source code. Unzip it and double click to open it.

Step3: Sign your code, connect iDevice to computer-> open Xcode and click product -> destination -> your iOS devices. After entering a unique name, please select your Apple ID. Click fix issue and sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your team name and select your development team.

Step4: Install the app. Click the Play button in the top-left corner of Xcode and wait for it to compile and install the app.

Step5: Approve yourself on your iOS device. Go to Settings -> General -> profiles and Device Management-> find your Apple ID account and select Trust.

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What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is the ‘invisible’ part of the internet that you can only visit using a special browser, such as Tor. Tor is an abbreviation of The Onion Router. Through the Tor browser you can surf the internet, just like with Google Chrome, for example. However, the difference is that the Tor-browser also gives you access to sites that are not available on the regular web (the surface web). This collection of sites is known as the dark web.

Safety First! Use a VPN

If you want to enter the dark web, we strongly advise you to use a VPN connection. Using a VPN will give you extra privacy and protection online. The Tor network has several vulnerabilities, and a VPN can protect your privacy and data. However, it’s better not to connect to a VPN when using a mobile live OS. You can read more about this later on our site.

How to Access the Dark Web

enter image description here If you want to access the dark web, you must do so in a safe way. The dark web isn’t the same as the ‘normal’ surface internet. It comes with several unexpected pitfalls. To access the dark web, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the anonymous Tor browser from their official website.
  2. Switch on your VPN for extra online security.
  3. Launch the Tor browser.
  4. Make sure your Tor browser doesn’t allow any scripts to run.
  5. Adjust the browser’s security level to “most secure”.
  6. Go to the dark web website you want to visit. You could, for example, visit The Hidden Wiki (link only works in the Tor browser). This is a page with links to other dark web websites.


You may have heard that using the Tor network (with a good VPN for added security) is not the only way to access the dark web, which is true. However, it is in fact the only way that’s more or less safe. Nowadays, users can also reach some dark web pages via their standard browser (such as Google Chrome) through another tool developed by Tor: Tor2web. However, even Tor itself indicated this is far more dangerous than using the Tor browser to do so. After all, this way of accessing the dark web makes it far easier for cybercriminals to find out your identity or even infect your PC with hardware. As such, we stress that the use of the Tor browser to access the dark web is really important!

Is the Dark Web Legal?

enter image description here In one word: yes. The dark web is legal in most parts of the world. Using the Tor browser is also completely legal. However, if you use the dark web to violate the law, you’re still partaking in illegal activities. We’d strongly advise all our readers to be sensible and avoid illegal activities on the dark web (and beyond) at all times.

The Complete Step-by-Step Plan to Safely Browse the Dark Web

The dark web can be quite a dangerous place if you do not take the right precautions. You can stay relatively safe with a good antivirus and a decent VPN. However, if you want to be completely anonymous and protect your device you will need a little bit more than that. Below you will find 15 steps that can help you visit the dark web safely. However, do keep in mind that things change quickly and hackers get smarter every day.

1.Make sure you’ve got basics down

2.Use a mobile live OS (optional)

3.Use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic

4.Download Tor from its official website

5.Take security precautions

6.Change the Security Level and Forbid scripts in the Tor browser

7.Check if there’s not an IP-, DNS-, or WebRTC leak

8.Be aware of common dark web myths

9.Use additional anonymous services

10.Avoid logins, subscriptions, and payments

11.Know where you’re going

12.Use cryptocurrency

13.Close everything when you’re done

14.Realize that you are never 100% safe

15.Consult online guides, blogs, search engines, chat sites, etc. enter image description here

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The V30 packs in a dual camera set up like it’s successors which are obviously better than last year’s.

The new device also ships with an all new camera app from LG packing in new features and modes. You can’t pull out and plug in the amazing LG V30 camera onto your existing smartphone.

But if you own an LG G6, another LG flagship for 2017, you can get the LG V30 camera app right now.

Features The LG V30 camera has been ported to the LG G6 by recognized XDA developer xpirt. The new camera app from LG has all the features of the LG G6 camera. In addition, it has new modes for the V30 which can now also work on the G6 thanks to this port.

All except the Cine mode which is dependent on the camera hardware.

The much-loved Graphy from the LG V30 also works with this camera port on the LG G6. For the uninitiated, Graphy is, in part, an inspirational album of photographs taken by professionals from all over the world.

And it is, in part, an ever-expanding collection of “lenses” to apply to your photos while you’re shooting. That may sound like Instagram filters and it is, except much more amazing and complex.

Graphy takes metadata from an image (shot by a professional), such as shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, etc. and instantly turns it into a preset for you to use on the spot.

This camera port will replace the stock camera app on your LG G6.


In order to use this port, you will need to have root access on your LG G6. Furthermore, the port needs to be flashed onto your device so you will also need a custom recovery to do so.

If you haven’t already drawn conclusions, this means you’ll also need an unlocked bootloader.

• A rooted LG G6 running on the official LG firmware.

• A custom recovery such as TWRP must be installed on the device.



• Graphy_patched_xpirt.apk

How to install LG V30 Camera on LG G6

  1. Download the LG V30 camera port the zip file ( and transfer it to your device.

  2. Now power off your LG G6 and boot it into recovery mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Down button, then press the Power button while holding the Volume down button to turn on the device.

    As soon as you see the LG logo on screen, let go of the Power button then press it again and keep holding it. Remember to never let go of the Volume Down button during this process. Keep holding the buttons until your device boots into recovery mode.

  3. Once in recovery, select Install from the TWRP main menu.

  4. Now browse to and select the LG V30 camera port file then swipe at the bottom to flash it.

  5. The flashing shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds. When it is complete, tap on the Reboot system button at the bottom.

Your LG G6 should now boot up normally and when it does, you can see the differences for yourself in the camera app. If you also want the Graphy feature, because why wouldn’t you, also download the patched Graphy apk from the download section. Considering you have a rooted LG G6 with an unlocked bootloader, there’s little to no chance that you haven’t enabled Unknown sources.

But just in case you haven’t, you can enable it under Settings > Security & Fingerprint. It is required to install an APK that is not from the Google Play Store.

The official Graphy app from LG on the Play Store does not work with the ported camera app. Source: xda

Android 7.0 Nougat Developer Options – How To Enable

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Android N Developer Options Enabling Developer Options in Android 7.0 Nougat is easy. We’ll show you how in a complete step by step guide.

Enable Android 7.0 Nougat Developer Options To Access hidden Features.

At face value Android is packed with a bunch of cool features. But then there are some which are hidden away from view . We’re of course talking about the famous Developer Options that allow users to tinker around with the OS that’s not just possible at an out-of-the-box state.

You can do things like adjusting the animation speed throughout the operating system. If you’re willing to take things up a notch and get all geeky with your smartphone, enabling USB debugging, set a longer buffer size etc. Basically, there’s a lot waiting to be discovered. It’s a haven for your geek side if you’re asking us.

But enough of that, and let’s get straight to the enabling Developer Options part itself in Android 7.0 Nougat. The steps are basically the same as Marshmallow and any version of Android before it, but we’ll lay them down from scratch still for your convenience.

Enable Developer Options In Android 7.0 Nougat

  1. Launch the Settings app from the app drawer or the notifications shade.

  2. Swipe all the way down and tap on ‘About phone.’

  3. Scroll down in this menu as well and you should see an option called ‘Build number.’

Developer Options

  1. Constantly tap on this option till you see a prompt on the display stating ‘You are now a developer.’

  2. Now go back to the main Settings page and scroll all the way down once more.

  3. You will see the new ‘Developer Options’ entry right on top of ‘About phone.’ Simply tap on it and start exploring what Google has packed in this time.

Warning For Users Drastically altering certain settings in Developer Options can affect the way your device functions. Users should be well aware of what they’re doing in the first place before proceeding. If you have no clue regarding certain options then we highly recommend you do not touch them at all. You do not want to end up in a state where you are forced to perform a factory reset to get things right again.